Command Line Utility

Doing stuff from the terminal.

Whatever Linux lacks in user friendliness, it compensates in customizability.

I’ve been really enjoying making small, Docopt based terminal utilities for my personal needs. So far I’m very satisfied with their level of polish, and usefulness in my every-day activity.

Template — A utility to create boilerplate projects. Started out as a LaTeX template utility (and used to be called latextemplate ), but it was so useful that I promoted it to a general purpose tool. Includes templates for C, C++, LaTeX, and Python with C extensions projects, among others.

Quik — Essentially, a bookmark tool for directories in the terminal. This application evolved from having a million different alias X="cd X" in my bash_aliases , which isn’t very recommended anyway. I used some fun tricks to change directory from the parent shell, while still writing most of the logic in Python, with Docopt.

Wellbeing — There are a few Windows and Mac apps to remind you to, e.g., drink water. I wanted something minimal, customizable, and for Linux, which is why wellbeing exists. Although inconspicuous as an app, wellbeing actually generates its own Docopt documentation on the fly, along with some more weird-but-cool stuff like storing a hash of itself to detect changes.

POMO — What better way to procastinate real work than to build my own pomodoro timer? Turns out there’s already a few CLI pomodoro timers (it’s not a super original idea after all), but the tightness ofpomo works in its favor.

  • Python (Docopt), Bash
  • Linux