VCV Rack Workshop

A workshop.

I found out about modular synthesiser music on the 1st of November of 2016, by means of a tweet of Renaud Bérard (famous for his work on the videogame FEZ), and immediately expressed my interest in simulators that would allow me to try it for myself. Almost exactly one year later, on the 5th of November of 2017, @TheWzzard introduced me to the wonderful world of VCV Rack, a piece of software to do exactly that: simulate modular synths.

In May 18th 2019, I paid it forward by hosting a workshop on learning the ropes of VCV Rack in the Physics Department of the University of Coimbra. It had moderate success, gathering 8 participants — which isn’t bad for such a niche topic! — and generally positive feedback.

Modular synthesiser music ties the worlds of physics, programming and music together, and is one of my favourite hobbies.

I hope to have the opportunity to host the workshop again.

  • Powerpoint, Sweat & Tears
  • IRL